Yummy Sushi Thai is Actually Quite Yummy

By Ily Goyanes

The name and location might fool you, but this spot offers some serious food. Tucked away in a small, one-story shopping center on Sunset Drive, if you blink you may just miss it – and that would be a shame.

The service here is excellent, better than what you might get at a high-end restaurant and, since Yummy is mainly a delivery and take-out joint for locals in the know, chances are you can have an intimate, low-maintenance dinner for two on any night of the week – and that’s without breaking the bank.

The menu is a combination of Japanese and Thai items, which includes favorites such as gyoza (pork dumplings) at $4.95 per order of six, and chicken or beef satay, which comes in an order of four for $7.45. Yummy’s gyoza is amongst the best in Miami.

For such a small restaurant, there is a huge selection of sushi. You can order a la carte pieces for $0.75 to $2.75, or a full order which ranges from $7.45 to $10.95.

The sushi is a twist on traditional Japanese sushi, but incredibly tasty. The dynamite roll includes mushrooms and onions – not included in your standard dynamite roll – but their addition gives the roll a fresh, crisp taste.

Yummy also surprises in its specialty menu, which includes lobster, duck, and fish dishes, ranging from $17.95 to $19.95.

Apart from the service and the variety in menu options, the décor and ambience make this little place a delight to dine. Set among light yellow walls with hints of green and red, no blaring televisions or stereos and an overall peaceful vibe, Yummy is a place where you can enjoy not only great food but also great conversation.

Yummy Sushi Thai

15500 S.W.72nd ST.
Miami, Fl 33193
Tel. 305-408-5185

Monday, 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Tuesday – Sunday, 3 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Delivery and take-out available

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