Canton’s Dim Sum Menu Shines Brightly in West Miami

By Ily Goyanes

Not to be confused with any other Canton Palace out there, this West Miami establishment is the real deal.

They say you know a restaurant is good when its dining room is full. Canton has a steady stream of customers all day. On the weekends you’ll find many Asian families and friends enjoying one of the best-tasting, authentic and least expensive dim sums in South Florida.

A staple of Chinese dining culture, Dim Sum is similar to a brunch, but dishes are served in small, individual portions. Its origins are linked to the older custom of yum cha, or tea tasting. Today, it’s evolved into more lavish meals typically enjoyed as a weekend family outing.

Canton’s menu includes dozens of selections and almost everything costs around $3.

The pan fried pork dumplings ($2.55 – $3.15) are perfect little pockets of pork goodness. Each dumpling contains a substantial amount of pork shaped like a mini football – only this tastes much better.

If you like some seafood in your dim sum, the pork and shrimp dumplings ($2.55 – $3.15) are the way to go. Thin pasta wrapped around a solid mass of shrimp and ground pork make for a very tasty mouthful.

Another delightful treat from the dim sum menu is the stuffed eggplant with black bean sauce – slices of eggplant wrapped around a generous-size piece of butterfly shrimp. The sweetness of the eggplant and the saltiness of the shrimp are perfect together. Get the black bean sauce on the side to have more control over the flavors.

In addition, the restaurant offers a wide variety of tasty dinner specials as well, such as the barbecue spareribs and chicken wing combination ($9.95), which comes with soup, fried rice, and an egg roll. The fried rice is excellent, made with mixed meats (including chicken breast), not just roast pork.

Canton makes group dining extra special thanks to a Lazy Susan rotating tray at the center of each table. You can pass the food dishes to each other by spinning it around – practical and fun!

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Canton Palace

7980 SW 8 St.
Miami, Fl. 33144
Tel. 305-264-9444

Sunday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9:40 p.m.
Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 10:40 p.m.

Take-out and delivery available

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