Let the R’s Roll off Your Tongue, and Take a Bite of Puerto Rico’s Cuisine

By Anais Alexandre

Oh Puerto Rico, with your lands full of lush, steamy jungle, brimming with the glorious sounds of life! In the night you might awaken to a midnight symphony orchestrated by a tiny frog, the Coqui, or the intoxicating smell of delicious food that fills the evening streets.

Bringing the sumptuously aromatic cuisine of Puerto Rico to the people of Miami is the food truck El Rincon del Coqui, serving their Alcapurrias de carne.

Alcapurrias de carne have a dough made from green plantain and yautia (or yuca), while the steamy center is filled with savory, seasoned ground beef. El Rincon del Coqui has a wide array of appetizers priced from $5-$6, burgers and sandwiches from $8-$12 and they are best known for their Tripleta Sandwich: a monster, dagwood sandwich that contains USDA Churrasco steak, flavorful chicken and heavenly marinated pork.

Thank you Rincon del Coqui for making a sandwich for people who don’t want to compromise and choose one delectable meat over another. We want it all! And you bring it to us.

Visit them on twitter, @rincondelcoqui

Visit them on facebook, facebook.com/ElRinconDelCoqui>

Visit them online, http://elrincondelcoqui.com/>

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