Feel at Home at Jean Paul’s House

By Melanie Garcia

Nestled in the back streets of Wynwood is a 1930s house that offers good hospitality and a vast culinary delight. With a fusion of French and Peruvian influences, Jean Paul’s House is the latest of several restaurants quietly popping up in the area.

The menu is divided into categories, such as Bites that can go hand-in-hand with a wine bottle from their collection (which is half-off on Tuesdays). Choose from bite-sized Potato Chips with black mint sauce ($3), Prosciutto and Manchego Empanada ($3) and Marinated Olives ($2), among other options.

We jumped right in with the delicious Crispy Pork Belly ($11) appetizer, braised in grapes and Pisco 100 (a type of liquor) and served with a portion of sweet potato puree. The combination was spot on – sweet and tender with a hint of crispy. The sweet potato puree was surprisingly fluffy and fresh.

For the main course, we turned to their seafood selections. The Papillote ($19) consists of snapper en papillote (steamed inside parchment paper). Using this technique, the chef is able to soak up the flavors of the lemon, tomato and white wine that the fish was cooked with. The salad complimented the zesty flavor of the dish for a balanced and flavorful meal. The Salmon ($20) special (not offered on the standard menu) and was served in a bed of lentil puree fused with lemon pepper flavors.

There is also a “Crudo” category, which means “raw” in Spanish. You can choose from Peruvian Style Ceviche ($15), Flounder Tiradito ($12) or Salmon Sashimi ($12).

To top off a perfect meal, we splurged with the double brownie dessert ($7). To say that we fell in love with these two small, triangular pieces of thick fudge brownie might be an understatement. The dessert was rich and creamy served with a scoop of smooth vanilla ice cream. Sheer perfection.

Jean Paul’s House is also open for lunch.

Jean Paul’s House

2426 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami, Fl. 33137
Tel. 305-573-7373

Visit them online, at www.jeanpaulshouse.com/
Follow them on facebook
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Monday through Thursday, 11:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Friday, 11:30 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Saturday, 5:30 p.m. – 11 p.m.

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