One of Coconut Grove’s Hidden Treasures

By guest writer: Alexandria Guerra of Caviar Chronicles

Since I’ve moved to Coconut Grove, Taurus restaurant and bar has been a confidant, through the good, bad and recently, the hungry. Taurus was once known as Coconut Grove’s most legendary and oldest watering hole. However, the joint wasn’t notorious for their bar grub. It wasn’t until recently that Taurus began to gain notoriety as they’ve stepped up their food game and revamped their décor.


Taurus is practically unnoticeable, located on Main Highway next to its sister trilogy restaurants Calamari and La Bottega by Carmen Trigueros. One obvious reason for the mouth-watering food at Taurus is that it comes from Calamari’s kitchen. Anyone can order from Calamari restaurant’s menu in addition to the bar-style selections at Taurus. Another bonus for Taurus is that it feeds off Calamari’s wine selection giving the bar an impressive array from which to choose from. And what is most appealing about the wide variety of wines, are the prices to go alongside the selection; a bottle of house Cabernet is only $28.



The bartender Jehane recommended the selection of burgers and the tempura chicken strips. It seems the restaurant stand on a menu of elevated bar food items like truffle popcorn and truffle mac and cheese. Surprisingly, I wasn’t too hungry so I decided to try their sliders. For $9.95 you get two 3oz. juicy pieces of tender Wagyu beef with sautéed onions and homemade Dijonaise sauce, accompanied by seasoned truffle fries. If you really want to indulge like I did, you can add goat cheese for an extra $2.


Shortly after our delicious sliders, a waiter entered with our next dish. As soon as I took a bite, the goat cheese began to ooze with flavor. It was generously spread on my perfectly cooked burger so I never felt like I was missing out. No wonder the bartenders always suggest the burgers – the quality of the beef is superior. The truffle fries were just as good and just how I like them, crispy and flavorful. Unlike many truffle dishes, these fries aren’t overwhelming powerful which I definitely appreciated.

My overall experience at Taurus was incredibly refreshing compared to the other bars in Coconut Grove and Miami in general. Taurus’ cuisine and ambience are completely unpretentious and very inviting. The prices and great staff will secure my attendance as a regular. Also, if you’re interested in coming to watch a Heat game, come early to grab a seat on their comfy couch! Taurus is by far one of Miami’s best-kept secrets in Coconut Grove.



3540 Main Hwy, Miami, FL 33133
Tel. (305) 444-1723
Hours: Mon-Sat 4 pm – 3 am, Sun 3 pm – 12 am
Visit them on facebook

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2 Responses to “One of Coconut Grove’s Hidden Treasures”

  1. Hi I honestly agree with you as I also jump in to different bar and restaurant when I am new in coconut Grove. You may also want to try Grove spot menu and check out the place.

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