Miami Gets Lucky


By Melanie Garcia

Every now and then we seem to strike it lucky, and Miami is getting a taste, literally, of what it’s like to hit the culinary jackpot. LUCKYRICE, a nationwide food event that works with hundreds of chefs and mixologists, is making another appearance in Miami to bring the diverse worlds of Asian culinary culture to our local community.

Eastern Tea Time

LUCKYRICE will be hosted by chefs who are celebrities in their own right, Chef Michael Schwartz and Chef Masaharu Marimoto. The event will take place at The Raleigh Hotel on Friday, November 15 and tickets are still available!

We at Great Food List had the awesome pleasure of getting some one-on-one time with the founder of this ultra-chic and progressive Asian food event. Read on to find out what gave birth to this idea, what you can expect to experience at the event and what makes Miami’s edition so unique.

Q&A with Festival Founder, Danielle Chang:


Can you briefly describe what LUCKYRICE is and how the idea came to fruition?

I always wanted to create a platform for sharing Asian culture with American audiences – and thought that food was the most accessible and appetizing lens to share stories. There is a movement for Asian food – fromThai to Taiwanese – and LUCKYRICE creates a way to bring together chefs who are interested in Asian food with foodies who want to explore Asian culture through food.

What can foodies expect to experience at LUCKYRICE?

Foodies should come to our events hungry and ready to immerse themselves in Asian culture through great food and drinks. We try to make it interactive and fun! We have traditional dishes like Japanese Chawanmushi from The Setai Grill and Burmese Noodle Wraps from Khong River House, as well as Asian/Latin inspired dishes like Mahi Mahi Tacos in a Wonton Shell from CATCH Miami.

There’s a big cocktail presence at LUCKYRICE. Can you tell a little about how mixology plays a role at LUCKYRICE? Do you think a good cocktail is equally as important as a good dish?

Mixology is as much of a craft as cooking is! We find that pairing a good bite with a good drink is essential for an overall delicious meal experience.  We are encouraging guests to dress in “chili pepper red” as a nod to the affinity for chili peppers as a flavor profile in both Asian and Latino cuisines! I think this will be particularly highlighted with our cocktails — Bombay Sapphire East is the main spirit in our cocktails for the evening and the gin already has a spicy, tangy undertone due to the Vietnamese peppercorns and Thai lemongrass botanicals — I’m excited to see how the 8 mixologists we’re bringing on board will play with the gin in their cocktails to pair with the variety of dishes this year!

LA Lucky Rice Night Market

Restaurant Michael Schwartz will be featuring a delicious Bombay Sapphire Punch and an apple and honey based cocktail called a Highland Orchard. And the Regent Cocktail Club will create their spins on an Old-Fashioned (with some tequila to spice it up)!

What makes the Miami edition of LUCKYRICE different than other cities?

Sun, sand, and some Latin spice! This is the only LUCKYRICE event that is by a beachfront, so we are excited to be at The Raleigh Hotel Pool & Oasis and enjoy the local food and drink by the beautiful South Beach waters. We are also kicking it up with a bit of a Latin-meets-Asian theme, so it’ll be HOT, Hot, HOT! We are asking our guests to dress up in “red pepper red” to go with our spicy theme – can’t wait to see a sea of red by the water!

What’s the one thing you want the Miami community to know about Asian food?

There are so many facets to Asian food and so many ways to interpret and enjoy it – it’s about diving in and tasting new things and having fun! Miami doesn’t have a large Asian population, yet some of the most popular lounges and restaurants in Miami are Asian inspired – Hakkasan, Juvia, Setai, etc. We wanted to acknowledge the interest in Asian Culture that is so prevalent in Miami – and Latin – cultures and create an evening that unites the two.

Stay tuned for our next post, which will feature a special Q&A with one of the chef’s that will be in attendance at LUCKYRICE!

For more information on the event and to buy tickets, click here: LUCKYRICE


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