Miami Gets Lucky Part II


By Melanie Garcia

As mentioned during our last Q&A with LUCKYRICE founder, Danielle Chang, we promised to share the interview we were lucky enough to get with Chef, Danny Ganem of Restaurant Michael Schwartz located at the iconic South Beach hotel, The Raleigh. Read on to get some insider information from Chef Danny as to why he decided to join the LUCKYRICE adventure, what makes Asian cuisine so attractive to him, and what we could expect to find at this year’s event.

Q& A with Chef, Danny Ganem, of Restaurant Michael Schwartz


What attracted you to be a part of LUCKYRICE?

LUCKYRICE has transformed into one of the best and most renowned food and beverage events in the country, being part of it and also hosting it here at The Raleigh, we can’t wait to make it one of the most memorable events in South Beach.

What do you find most attractive about Asian cuisine?

Asian Cuisine is so vast in culture, tradition, technique and flavors. Each country has recipes that have been passed down and perfected for hundreds and hundreds of years. Once you open each country’s recipe book you find yourself with chapters dedicated to different regions, each which could be a book of its own. One of the coolest aspects of Asian Cuisine is that you can try a new dish every day of the year and never repeat any.

Mixology plays a big role at LUCKYRICE, can we expect your dishes to have complementary cocktails? If so, can you give us a hint of what we can look forward to tasting?

We worked closely with Ryan Goodspeed our Beverage Director while preparing the dishes for the event. He is putting two great cocktails which are the Highland Orchards and the Bombay Sapphire Punch.


How will you add Miami flair to the dishes you will serve at Lucky Rice?

The Raleigh itself is one of most iconic hotels in Miami Beach and the property will inject the flair to the event automatically. We will do what we do best: bring in great local product for the dishes that we are serving.

LA Lucky Rice Night Market

We’re now less than a week away from this year’s LUCKYRICE, so don’t wait to purchase your tickets here.


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