Taste Buds Vibe At Rock That Burger

By Elizabeth Corzo

In 2009, a food truck by the name Yellow Submarine was created, trying to make an everlasting impression in the food truck scene that had become immensely popular in Miami. They quickly won over the hearts of South Floridians, with their homemade burgers and catchy names taken from popular The Beetle’s songs, as well as their wonderful customer service. I often found myself looking at their Facebook page to track down where their next stop would be, and constantly brought a friend or family member to share this hidden gem.


Fast forward to August of 2012, after gaining a large and loyal fan base, they successfully opened their own store front on 117th Avenue and Sunset Drive (Snapper Creek Plaza). They renamed their brand to Rock That Burger, and upon entering the establishment for the first time, I understood right away how they came up with the name; the walls are plastered with different rock bands, there’s a large television playing rock amongst the various posters, there are numerous instruments opposite the television, and the choice of colors and décor go well with the overall theme.



The customer service was exceptional, as always, and I was pleased the gentleman that usually attends me recognized me right away; the relationship with customers is something that is being lost in today’s busy industry, but somehow they manage to always be engaged with their clients and often know their “usual.” Looking overhead at their menu, I noticed they maintained using song titles as their menu items, only they expanded from using only songs from The Beetle’s to classic rock titles that are well-known. I chose what used to be named The Yellow Burger, which was now Yellow Submarine, along with a grape soda and onion rings as a side. The Yellow Submarine was priced at $6.19, the onion rings were $2.99, and the canned soda was $1.49, totaling $11.42 (including tax). For those who enjoy a savory yet sweet burger, this is without a doubt one to try.


The Yellow Submarine consists of mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato, raw or grilled onions, white mustard, sun dried tomatoes, mayo, and a pineapple sauce, which is stacked on a deliciously juicy patty. Within the first bite, I could taste the well-seasoned meat that is made using their home-made recipe. The influence of Hispanic cuisine is apparent, utilizing seasonings that are a staple in the Hispanic community, and truly make their burger stand out amongst the many burger shops. Even without the generous amounts of fresh condiments, this flavor-packed burger is filled with mouth-watering juices that are naturally sealed as the patty is grilled. Just when you think the explosion of flavor in your mouth can’t be improved, the tangy taste of the pineapple sauce adds the perfect touch of sweetness, a flavor profile which I personally favor. As for the onion rings, which I can’t help but order on any menu, they had just the right texture I look for; they weren’t in any way soggy, yet they weren’t too crunchy as if they were overdone.


My entire meal was made to order and I love the fact that I could see my food being prepared; the grill, fryer, and other equipment are located right behind the counter. When I see an open kitchen, I think to myself that they must be confident in their product, as well as their method of preparation if they have no qualms about preparing their orders in an environment where their every move can be monitored. My only suggestion when eating at Rock That Burger is this: make sure to grab a handful of napkins. You’ll be left licking your fingers and wiping the corners of your mouth, and I guarantee you’ll leave satisfied.


Rock That Burger

Address: 7138 SW 117th Ave, Miami, FL 33183
Tel: (305) 279-2110
Facebook: facebook.com/rockthatburger
Twitter: @Rockthatburger
Instagram: @rockthatburger

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One Response to “Taste Buds Vibe At Rock That Burger”

  1. If this line, “Just when you think the explosion of flavor in your mouth can’t be improved, the tangy taste of the pineapple sauce adds the perfect touch of sweetness, a flavor profile which I personally favor.”, does not make you get up and try their burger you must not have a vivid imagination.

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