Eating and Drinking Never Felt So Good in South Florida — Join The Journey

Hi GFL friends, I hope you all had a great start to the year and that you reach many of your goals in 2015.

This year I will be focusing more on healthy but tasty food & drinks around South Florida. However you will still see me indulging from time to time, on the occasional burger with fries, delicious pastries and desserts, chicken and waffles, well you get the idea.

Due to a few health issues in 2014 my family and I made changes to our eating habits, so we started cooking healthier and looked for interesting options at restaurants, food trucks and farmers markets; some good some bad. You could say that we made 2014 a year of healthy edible exploration at home and around the town.

So with health in mind, you will notice more healthy culinary moments with a dash of some greasy, oversized instances in between. So come along with me on the #GFLJOURNEY2015 around South Florida, click below to get started:


I would highly appreciate your feedback along the way, negative or positive and encourage you guys to share your favorite healthy dishes around the town or at home.

Sign up to the #GFLjourney2015: Click here to enter your email, and stay in the loop of upcoming events and give away samples.

You can also check additional #GFLJOURNEY2015 moments at:

If you have any questions, send me feedback at:

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