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InBite Makes Gluten and Dairy Free Edible Treats in South Florida

The first time I saw an Inbite cookie was at Bubble Cafe in the Doral, the packaging stated, “Gluten & Dairy Free Coconut Cookies”, which got me curious. Could it be good? regardless of the no dairy or gluten? the answer was yes! It was actually pretty good. I wondered if they had other tasty […]

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Savor the Layers of Argentine Cuisine at Puerto Madero

By Sue Arrowsmith sue.arrowsmith@yahoo.com Restaurant, deli, meat market, grocery shop, wine store, and bakery – Puerto Madero in West Kendall offers a tour of Argentina’s fine cuisine. Start with an empanada ($1.80 each), or Miga ($1.70), a thin deli sandwich on white bread with the crust cut off. And then it’s off to bigger and […]

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