Healthy Edible Intimacy at Casabe 305

If your looking for an intimate night out, without having to scream across a table, while nibbling passively through delicious morsels, than Casabe 305 is your place. Originally from Choroní in Venezuela, they charm Miami with it’s good food and classic warm hospitality.

This quaint, nestled, edible oasis, is headed by chef Diego V. Texera, who was actually a doctor of natural medicine prior to venturing into the kitchen. The best part is that although his dishes consist mostly of locally sourced, fresh and natural ingredients, with health in mind, Casabe 305 ranks as a top culinary spot by forbes, yelp, and several miami food bloggers.

Our experience at Casabe 305 was amazing, we left content and without the heavy in your gut feeling, all was easily digestible and enjoyable. It feels good when you can enjoy a meal, and not regret it later.

So without further delay, here is our edible journey in pictures:



Casabe 305 interior, antique utensils, warm interior, very welcoming.


Cassava (aka Casabe) Bread is a flat bread, as hard and thin as a cracker, made from cassava flour. The flour comes from the bitter (not the sweet) type of cassava roots. To make cassava bread, the cassava is grated, all the toxic juice squeezed out, then dried into a flour, and sifted.


Salmon Ceviche, with avocado, spiced up with nori seaweed


Tostones Yucatecos, with ceviche, refritas & guacamole


Tequenos with guava-chipotle sauce — this is not your typical tequeno.


Rack of lamb and rosemary ashes with quinoa couscous & tabule


Shrimp with tamarind peanut sauce over quinoa couscous


100% Venezuelan Chocolate fondant with organic vanilla ice cream


Torta de queso “Caraqueña”

(Everything was delicious, but the notable dishes for me, were the tostones and tequenos, trust me they are uniquely prepared.)

Casabe 305 Bistro

Address: 1762 Coral Way, Miami, Florida 33145
Tel: (305)302-5160
Twitter: @Casabe305Bistro
Instagram: @Casabe305Bistro

FYI: Casabe 305, has a special Valentines Day menu on February 13 and 14, so call them before these intimate seats run out.



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