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Vegan and Juice Plantain Pastelon

@veganandjuice wins dish of the week here at GFL! At first I judged the dish by appearance, cause it looked to “veggie” for lunch, but the Plantain Pastelon, with a light broccoli center, Dominican Style was very satisfying and delicious. I also had a split pea soup which was not to thin or thick, just right. […]

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The Last Carrot Should Be Your First Stop for a Healthy Lunch

By Ily Goyanes ily.goyanes@gmail.com When a restaurant has been around for decades, you can be pretty sure that it’s doing something right. At The Last Carrot in Coconut Grove, everything is done right. Nestled in the corner of a tiny strip mall (and we mean tiny), The Last Carrot is frequented primarily by those in […]

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